The Casual Revolution: how much did casual games expand?

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

A decade after the first casual games boom, the industry is still in mid-revolution, expanding its compelling reach hand in hand with the enhancement of virtual communication methods. The gaming industry has swiftly developed the trend into an urban electronic culture and the occurring shifts helped contour the norm for playing casual games.

Nowadays, we may confidently talk about the colossal size of the casual games industry. We may talk about new directions and gamer associations and revolutionary launches that keep everyone right on the edge. The casual games niche has blossomed into a domain with its own mogul developers, premium marketers, top-notch investments and a personal media phenomenon that has ultimately sprung an entire community.

New casual games are developed as we speak and interest in the social edge of this business direction has led to the increasing emergence of a social games assortment, available on channels and online communities that provide free entertainment upon a simple login.

Charting a loyal audience gradually made room for a mentality in which not playing causal games served you a ticket to the outcast corner. As design gradually takes over the basic features and skills are tasted at a much more scalable tested, the Casual Revolution is intensely starting to cast other challenges into oblivion.


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